What follows is the beginning of a list of Veterans from Dora High School that served in the military. This list will be expanded as names are submitted. If you know of a Veteran that served, please email me with the name, the years they attended Dora and the years they served in the military.
If they died in the service, please end me all the details you have relating to the Veteran.

Veterans who Served America

Joseph Brian Washington, Class of 1984 LTC, USAF Retired (1988-2016), USAFA 1988,

Kayla Smiley, Class of 2006 - U.S. Army - Disabled Veteran

Iraq/Afghanistan Era

Adams Hallman, class of 2000. He served in the Marine Corps for four years in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ian Randall Sanders class of 2008. Joined the Army National Guard junior year. Went to basic training between Junior and Senior year in August of 2007 at Ft Sill Oklahoma. Honor Graduate (top 10%). After graduating from Dora in 2008 went to AIT at Ft Jackson, SC then Airborne School after that at Ft Benning, Ga. Deployed to Basra, Iraq in June 2009 with the 203rd Military Police Battalion of Athens, AL. Returned home June 2010. Then Deployed to Bagram, Afghanistan Feb. 2011 with the 20th Special Forces group out of Birmingham, AL. Returned home Oct. 2011.

Michael Thorin Class of 1991 spent 6 months in Afghanistan from 2003 to 2004 and 1 1/2 years in Iraq from 2005 to 2006. Afghanistan his was a deployment as a medic, and he served in Iraq pulling route reconnaissance and convoy security operations.

Brandon P James Graduated 2010 from DHS is a Lance Corporal Marine 2011-present stationed in Jacksonville Northcarolina, Tank Crewman

Sherra Eiland-Army Class of 1986

Will Mayweather-Navy Class of 1986

Gary Cooper Iraq OII Army 1st Infantry 33rd Field Artillery

Adam Rich 20th Special Forces- US Army - Afghanistan (He sent a note in lat August 2010 saying - I leave southern Afghanistan in two weeks.praise the Lord :-) can't wait to get back to good old Alabama.)

Angela J. (Hagler) Ellis Class of 1981 U.S. Army, Command
Sergeant Major (CSM), Retired July 1982 October 2006

Aaron Edwards Jr. - US Army Special Forces, Afghanistan Class of 86

Tim Thorin - - US Army Special Forces, Afghanistan Class of 86

Clifton Dedeaux, US Army Special Forces, Afghanistan Class of 86

Kevin D. Cordell
-Class of 1987, Air Force 1987- now Medically Retired from the USAF and a Full Time Panama City Mobile DJ. Kevin's Website Accomplishments: Served in Operation Desert Storm. Was stationed in Korea twice for a year a piece, one of which was during the 9-11 attacks. Is currently stationed at Tyndall Air Force Base, Panama City, Florida in the 325th Air Control Squadron.

Jeffery H. Haddock, TSgt, USAF, Retired (1983-2004), Class of 1981

Will Roden U.S. Navy from 1987 to 1992 Hershal Brewer USAF 1973-1977, served in Florida, England, North Dakota. USN 1978-1989, Based mostly in Florida, NATO deployment on USS Eisenhouser (CVN-69), 3.5 years with USS Saratoga (CV-60). Side note, during my second cruise on Sara, our planes took the Achile Lauro hijackers. 1997 to present, CA National Guard.

Kenneth D. Mullins, Major, USAF, (1991-Present), Class of 1991 Currently serving as Chief, Network Operations, U.S. Pacific Command

Tim Lively Class of 82: I served in the Navy for 12 1/2 yrs. active duty and 1 1/2 years reserves. I served on U.S.S Grayling (fast attack sub. for 4 yrs., active duty recruiter for 4 yrs, reserve recruiter 3 yrs and the rest was schooling. My rate and rank was Interior Communications Electrician First Class, IC1/SS. Active from 12/83-02/91 and from 07/94-11/97.

Larry Creel was in the navy from 71 to 74. Later, he retired from the National Guard. The navy was active duty, the guard, reserve

Jerry Beersdorf Class of 66 - retired Navy. Daryl Collins He served in the Army from Sept. 1996 until August 2004

Joe Brewer Class of 1969 - I have been retired from the Army for 9 years now (after 24).  I toured a few places, Germany, Japan, the Pentagon, and a few much grungier spots.  But it was fun.

Ric Harden was a 1971 USN from Oct. 18, 1971- Sept. 12, 1975, he was station aboard the USS Lexington CVT-16.

Rick Watson -- US Army Signal Corpes, Panama Canal Zone Class of 68

Billy Wayne Street -- USAF from 1966-1969 Staff Sargent Thailand Bradley Word - class of 1950 - US Army - Germany Sept .1954 to Sept. 1956.


James Walter Elenburg Army - made the  ultimate sacrifice for his country in Vietnam. I think they still have the plaque at the High School with the names of the soldier who died in Vietnam.
Click here for a tribute to James Elenburg

Jimmy Fuller -- USAF 1966-1972 --- Weapons Specialist --- Ssgt Stationed in Colorado, Georgia, Florida(twice), Vietnam, California, Thailand. Class of 1965.

Wyla (Merle Taylor) Wilkie Although I didn't go to Vietnam, I manned the teletype machines and worked for the Commanding Officer of the U.S. Naval Station, Washington, D.C. from May 1966 through March 1969. I'm a graduate of the 1966

Ray Lee -Dora High class of 1967 Vietnam 

Jack Morgan -Dora High class of 1967 served in the Air Force from May 1968 until May of 1972; he served at Phan Rang Airbase, Vietnam from July 1969 until July 1970.

Bruce Hamrick - US Army 1967-1969 9th Infantry Vietnam Class of 66 Chaplain,

Col, Ed Davis, USAF 1963-1991 (Vietnam: '71-'72) Class of 1947

Roland Mitchell Class of 68 U.S. Army Medical 1969--1972

Joe Plunkett MARINE CORPS AUG 1968---DEC. 1969 Purple Heart

Greg Phillips served with the 101st Airborne Division in 1969 and 1970. While in VietNam I was awarded the Silver Star Medal,the Army Commendation Medal,Air Medal and two Purple Hearts(Greg says "didn't duck fast enough twice").

RM2 Harold Myers, USN 1969 - 1973, NavFac Eleuthera, USS Ault DD698, Class of 67.

Ricky Wise- died in Viet Nam - Click here for more info

Virgil Eugene Childers (Class of 65) KIA, 3/17/1968, Republic South Viet Nam. Nicknamed "The Bean".

David H. Roberts
Class of 1967 U.S. Army March 3, 1968- March 3, 1970 E5 Chu Lai , Vietnam

Carl Cooper (Army) Korea


Michael E. Stephens (Army) [Deceased]

Paul Taylor (Army) [Lives in Gardendale]

Ulysses Dutton (Army) [deceased]

Horace Victory served in the Army in WW!! in the Philippines. He did not get to graduate from Dora due to being drafted before graduation.  He was known in High School as "fat lady" because he was 6 ft 7 in tall and played basketball for the Bulldogs.

Austin James Wright - Medic He was drafted while still in high school. After the war he returned back to Dora and graduated with the class of 1947. He passed away September 30, 1990.

Lt. John McCabe-Army Air Corps-Class of 1937

Ens. Helen Woodward
-Waves (Teacher 1938-1941)

Milford Cooke-Marines Class of 1939

Johnnie Hiett-Waacs Class of 1934

Ens. P.E.Gwin,Jr.-Navy Class of 1930

Capt. Linn Palmer, Jr.-Army Class of 1935

Ruben M. Dutton U.S. Army WWII he passed away in March of 1996.

Homer Brown-Navy
Arnold Phillips
Harold Headrick
Louis Gray
Glen Johnson
Miltred Victory
Clellan McCrary
Lester Gilliland
Chester Wiley
Howard Crocker
Leo Headrick
A. B.Wiley
Berlin Ballenger
Joe Cashman
Albert Black, Jr.
Dode McLaughlin
Ralph Davis
Tom McCabe
Tom Davis
Paul Phillips,Class of 42 served in the Army in WWII. He was a combat Engineer.

If you know any information about any of these Veterans, please send me a note. Rick


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