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Debra Jacks - One of the New Counselors at Dora High 
by Will Justice

Debra Jacks is one of the new counselors working at Dora High School this year. She went to Cordova High School. She performs double duty as the 11th/12th grade counselor and she has also started the CHOIR class at Dora, she is the director of the class. JACKS IS AN EXCELLENT singer! She sang the Alma Mater at our DHS Pep-rallies of 2005. She has been a counselor for nine years. She has been a counselor at T.S. Boyd and Sipsey.
Debra has a Masters from West Alabama, and an undergrad degree at Birmingham Southern. She says, "Counseling is my job!" There was an emergency hire in counseling. Mrs. Jacks took the job and fell in love with it. She was also friends with the previous counselor, Jeff Sargent. She has a goal to finish her PHD in Education Leader!


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