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Bob Blackburn with his dog and chicken
Old Dora Photographs
I'm not sure what it is about old photographs. I almost get misty eyed when I look at them..even if I don't know the people in the photographs. I had the good fortune to come across a stash of old pictures of Dora and some of the early inhabitants.
The photograph to the left is Bob Blackburn. I happened to know Bob. He lived in the house that sat next to the Dora First Baptist Church where I attended Bible School. He and his wife had a beautiful yard and I cut their grass one summer. They had a massive yard and I cut it for $6. Today, it would probably take $6 worth of gas to cut that yard.....but I digress. There are over sixty photographs showing life at the turn of the last century.
One picture showed a barber shop and hot dog stand in West Pratt. That was such a
surprise to me because I grew up in West Pratt and I never realized there was a business there. There was another photo of a sulfur spring in West Pratt. I did know about the spring. My daddy always believed that the water from that spring was therapeutic so he and I often walked the half mile from out house down to the spring in the evenings.
When I came across this photo, my mind went rushing back to that time when I was about ten years old and once again we were at that spring. There was a big 'ol frog that lived there and you would always hear a "cur plunk" as you approached. That water was cold and clean but it had a smell that reminded me of rotten eggs. I didn't let that bother me.

I'm not sure who the gentleman is in this photograph, but he looks just like my cousin Bruce Levan. I'm betting that this man is somehow kin to the Levan's.
Another group of photographs were of the "Dora Social Club" that were taken in 1910. People were out on a picnic. The men had on suits and the women in dresses and hats. Why don't we do that anymore. I mean a town picnic. Play baseball, eat hot dogs, dance to old timey music. I think I can still get into my suit and Jilda looks great in hats.
I'm starting a collection of old photographs of Dora and its residents. I'm especially interested in pictures where the people can be identifed. Compiling a book of the area has been in the back of my mind for a long time. Any history book worth the ink includes lots of good pictures. If you have older pictures of the town or any of the people that have lived here I would like to borrow them for a short time to scan. If you have pictures and a scanner, that would be even better. Please scan them at 300 dpi so that the quality is as good as possible.
Anyhow, if you enjoy looking at old photographs, click here.

Old Sulfur Spring in West Pratt

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